Fitness classes

Group classes to get you moving

Our group fitness classes are free for all Y members.


Booking classes

Booking classes is highly recommended! You can book classes either direct via reception, or via the GymMaster app.

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Class descriptions

Y Cycle (Spin)
Our spin classes are unique and an awesome way to get fit based on your individual fitness levels. We use Coach by Colour, which means your spin class is tailored to you and your abilities. Because you adjust the settings to you, our spin classes are perfect for the seasoned cyclist or the true beginner. Add some fun and colour to your workout!

Our high intensity interval training classes are circuit-based classes designed to get your heart rate up!

Y Box Fit
Box Fit is a boxing-based workout. Gloves and pads are provided.

Y Muscle Fit
Muscle Fit is designed to help you build lean muscle mass, get toned, and get fit. This is a workout using weights (choose the weight that best suits you) and music.

Y Fusion
Y Fusion is a combination of yoga, traditional mat pilates and meditation. It’s low impact, but high quality work. Please bring your own mat.

Senior group fitness classes

Our senior group fitness classes cater for a wide range of ages and abilities. They are free for all Y members, but also available for any community member to attend.

Most classes are held at the Y, but some are at 9 Jenkin Street, Invercargill, so please take note of the timetable which reflects this.

Our senior group fitness classes are a great way to stay active and social!


Easy Combo
A combination of aerobics, light weight training, and balance.

Cardiac Club
A circuit-based class to improve aerobic fitness, strength, and balance. This is a fun class for anyone, and offers cardiac benefits.

Falls Prevention
A strength and exercise class for those aged 65+.

Y Sit and Be Fit
Chair-based exercises to get your heart rate up, while minimising the stress and impact on your body. Take your physical activity easy, but still enjoy its benefits with this low-impact class.